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    Flake Polyaspartic Flooring

    Polyaspartic is a hybrid material that resembles polyurethane. It was first developed in the ‘90s as a coating for steel in bridges and used for its corrosion-resistant properties. This alternative to epoxy is also known as an aliphatic polyurea sealer, which is a mix of ester and other materials.


    Manufacturers can change the amount of ester to customize polyaspartic to have different traits, such as quick drying times and limited gas emissions after application. These innovations make it more versatile than traditional epoxy.


    Usually, this coating has a clear, glossy finish. On its own, it creates the look of a wet concrete floor. You can add color to the mixture for a bolder look if desired. Often, people will distribute decorative chips across the surface of a still-wet coating to introduce a bit more color and non-slip texture.

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy paint is a resin polymer that has been used to protect concrete garage flooring for decades. As a general rule of thumb, epoxy works best indoors, so this chemical-resistant and slip-free surface is perfect for the garage environment, where spills and puddles can create a challenge.


    Typical garage floor epoxy application consists of a primer, a color base coat, and two surface coatings of polyurethane. The style is highly customizable, which is a plus for those looking for a specific style.


    In addition to the color base, you can choose the finish, so you can go with a high gloss or a more matte look if that’s your thing. On top of all that, you get to decide if you want to introduce color chips to the mixture. It’s like the cherry on top of a perfect floor.

    San Angelo, TX

    San Angelo, Texas is located in the Concho Valley, along the Concho River. It's known for many things including the Fort Concho National Historic Landmark, an International Water Lily Collection, San Angelo Visitors Center, Concho Riverwalk, San Angelo State Park, Lake Nasworthy, Chicken Farm Art Center, Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo Nature Center, Angelo State University and much more! With a long tradition of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, San Angelo and the surrounding area boasts a large economy of farming and ranching. If you drive through San Angelo, you'll notice many different forms of art including now famous Sheep all across the city. For more information about San Angelo and things to do while in San Angelo, check out https://www.discoversanangelo.com/.

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